Combustion Turbine Plant Technician

Combustion Turbine Plant Technician

Employment Type



Operations and Maintenance


Job Description:

·Authorize and execute plant system and equipment clearances.  Plans work to include tools and equipment requirements, material and supply required, procedure, checklist, check sheet, drawing, etc., development and revision. Procures:  tools, equipment, materials, and supplies, etc.

·Operates plant systems and equipment., Identifies problems., Develops and implements immediate remedies.  Performs and participates in analysis to identify potential failure modes.

·Develops and participates in development of tests to verify failure modes.  Develops and participates in development of solutions.  Implements solutions.

·Performs preventative maintenance.  Performs corrective maintenance. Performs predictive maintenance inspections.

·Works as part of a composite crew to perform overhaul maintenance.

·Monitors and analyzes operational and predictive maintenance indicators and initiates appropriate action.  Performs operational test and checks on plant systems and equipment. Maintains plant orderliness and cleanliness.

·Operates tools and equipment as required to execute CT Plant Technician functions.  

Pay rates- $ 53.55-65.17 hr- depending upon benefits elected by each person.


Would work under direct supervision of the CT Foreman who makes work assignments and reviews adequacy of the work.  Should be able to work independently of direct supervision to perform the duties of the position on shifts where neither of the above are available.

Job Requirements:

Must have:

Associates Degree in electronics area or equivalent industrial, military, or vocational training.

Three years’ experience in maintaining microprocessor, solid state electronics, process instrumentation and controls, associated piping, tubing, valves, transmitters, final control elements, electrical equipment including circuit breakers and motors.

Must have Initiative, ability to function independently, good judgment in decision making, good problem solving skills, and function well in team environment.

Prefer prior CT plant experience.  

Must have some prior power plant experience.

Must be able to work outdoors in all weather conditions. Must be able to lift, climb, stoop and bend for extended periods as needed to perform job duties.

Must be able to pass Background checks, and Drug screens and any FFD required. Must be able to work rotating shifts Days and Nights, Overtime and Holidays as needed. Must be able to pass any required site or utility training.

Must have completed the following training or its equivalent:

·Switching and Tagging, Safety, Regulatory Training, CT Maintenance, CT Operation, CT Systems and Components, Advanced Control Systems, CT Management System and Key Processes, High Voltage Testing and Grounding

Additional Training Preferred:

·CT Combustion, Hot Gas Path, Major Inspections, Turbine Generator Alignments, Welding, Rigging and Heavy Equipment

Pay depends on benefits elected by each individual and per diem is available if eligibility requirements are met.  Send resumes to or for consideration.

GD Barri & Associates is an equal opportunity employer.

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