Temporary workers are just that- temporary. Typically a temporary worker takes an assignment in between “jobs” as a stop-gap. The common complaint from managers is that a temporary worker has only a short term interest in their current assignment and are often distracted by their on-going search for a “permanent position. Or they don’t have the skills to be effective. In contrast, contract workers have decided they prefer the constantly new experiences and challenges gained from working in a variety of settings. They are often great problems solvers due to the breadth of exposures, and not less qualified than their “direct” counterparts. Since a job well done generally merits a return for the next project, contract workers are always incentivized to outperform on assignment. G.D. Barri has worked with thousands of experienced contract workers in all craft, technical and professional/engineering disciplines and pledges to ensure these resources are available to make your project a success.

No organization has excess people sitting on a bench waiting for the next project. So, when projects come up that are our of the normal scope of work, one of several choices can be made such as:

  • Work current full-time people on overtime
  • Hire a contractor to do the work in its entirety on a turnkey basis
  • Hire temporary personnel to fill the need for “extra hands”

Yes. To date we have provided services to customers in forty-three states,

Over the last five years our average number of temporary field employees is approximately five hundred (500.)

Yes, G.D. Barri has provided many types of personnel for client projects. See a list here.

G.D. Barri has provided maintenance services to Universities, Department of Energy, petrochemical, US Army and commercial electric facilities.

G.D. Barri has provided personnel to several clients in support of their maintenance programs that have been ongoing i excess of ten years. One such client is the University of Arizona where we have been supplying craft personnel since 2002 in support of ongoing maintenance and capital projects.

Barri facility maintenance includes:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Lighting
  • Heating/Cooling unit repair
  • Motor Control Repair
  • Temporary Power Service
  • Clock Alert System Installation
  • General Cleanup
  • Welding
  • High and Medium Voltage Maintenance
  • General Carpentry
  • Floor Repair
  • Carpet Installation